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Supporting those in managerial roles who have responsibility for the wellbeing and development of others


     Developing a culture

         of resilience

Custom-designed for those in leadership and managerial roles, our resilience offering is tailored perfectly to support those individuals within your organisation who are tasked with taking care of the wellbeing of others. Through Leadership Consultancy, Manager Coaching and Resilience Workshops, we can transform your culture from the ‘top’.


A contemporary leader needs to be a subject matter expert in their field, have first class communication skills, impeccable time and people management capabilities, negotiation skills, and the ability to keep an eye on finances. On top of that, they need to be empathic, supportive human beings who show a genuine care for the people they manage. Whilst ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Quite a task!


In our experience, it’s vital that these individuals engage with the programme: firstly because of the responsibility that sits on their shoulders, and secondly, because if they are committed, the entire employee population is more likely to follow suit.


We offer the following solutions at the leadership/managerial level:


  • Pilot Workshops. We invite your Senior Leadership Team to take part in our one day 'From stress to resilience’ workshop, to experience the material and feed back as to what elements are most appropriate to your organisation's needs. Before and after the workshop, all delegates will have a  one-to-one Leadership Consultancy session (detailed below);


  • Resilience Workshop. Aimed at managerial level, this workshop will be similar to the Pilot described above, however may be tweaked following the feedback obtained to ensure utmost relevance to your organisation. Before and after the workshop, all delegates will have an hour long one-to-one Manager Coaching (detailed below);


  • Ongoing Leadership Consultancy. On-site or off site, your leaders have access to a specified number of one-to-one sessions with our Executive Coaches who can offer impartial consultancy on any topic that feels particularly relevant or challenging. The perfect compliment to the group setting of our full day workshop;


  • Ongoing Manager Coaching. As with Leadership Consultancy, this can be on-site or off, and offers managers the opportunity to talk confidentially with a Coach about any aspect of their life and work where they would like to bring about change. Manager Coaching offers the ideal opportunity to further integrate the learning that takes place on the workshop and apply the tools of resilience as they relate on a more personal level.

Our support for managers ensures that you have a leadership team that:


  • have the emotional intelligence required to motivate and inspire the best in others, based upon an awareness and respect for individual difference;


  • shares knowledge and learning, and to build cross functional networks;


  • can quickly identify stress in themselves and others, so that it can be dealt with before it results in sickness absence;


  • have some practical tools to confront issues, which can in turn be dealt with rather than suppressed.

     Why invest

         in resilience?

There is a strong business case for investing in resilience that reaches way beyond the benefits to your bottom line:


  • Empower your leadership team and employees to take responsibility for, and manage their own wellbeing in the workplace;


  • Help increase resilience, job satisfaction and productivity for management and employees throughout uncertainty, change and ultimately growth;


  • Explore ways in which existing channels of communication between management and staff can be used to enhance overall wellbeing in the organisation;


Help to further reduce stress-related sickness absence within your organisation by fostering a greater awareness of the positive ways in which pressure can be managed.

     Engagement and


As we work with the leadership population, there often emerges a natural ‘Resilience Champion’… that person in your organisation who will make it their personal mission to ensure everyone else gets on board. Once we have our Resilience Champion (we know them when we meet them!), we like to capture and nurture their enthusiasm to ensure that they are well-equipped to keep the resilience message alive. In addition, both our Resilience and Wellbeing offerings can be supported by our Engagement Package.


Through a regular, comprehensive communications package we can stay in regular contact with delegates on the programme, to keep them up to date with the latest information and news. By allowing us to handle this part of the work, we can match the enthusiasm and communication style adopted in the formal, face to face aspects of the programme with the electronic communications. It helps us to create and maintain engagement, and also means that you don’t need to give the task of communicating the programme to a member of your team.


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