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We see it like this: to get your organisation and its workforce performing at its best, we’re going to need to collaborate.


We take a partnering approach, working alongside you shoulder-to-shoulder. This is because we recognise that you have the insider knowledge, the intelligence that we need in order to get the best outcomes. By which we mean a committed, engaged workforce. And we bring to the table many, many years of experience delivering exceptional results in this field,  see our Meet The Team page.


From the outset, when you invite us to come and talk to you about how we can help, we’ll take an in-depth, professional assessment from your leadership team of where your business is right now (the challenges, the good, and the not so good!). We call this the Profiling stage. Profiling enables us to get an accurate picture of you and your specific needs, and from this point we can build an offering that is the right blend for you from our range of services:


  • Leadership Consultancy – providing your leaders with that all-important time and space to reflect, and explore creative solutions to workplace challenges;


  • Manager Coaching – supporting those people in the business who have responsibility for the wellbeing of their team, as well as their own;


  • Workshops – resilience and wellbeing workshops targeted at both the manager and employee population, to embed the language of resilience into your culture, across all teams and departments;


  • Reflection Groups – monthly or quarterly clinics facilitated by one of our coaches to encourage and enable cross-departmental networking and knowledge sharing. Groups can focus on specific topics or be more fluid in nature, addressing organisational issues and challenges that may be a priority at that specific time. We’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits of people having the time and space to learn from one another in this setting, particularly when a fresh set of eyes from a colleague in an entirely different department can shed light on a long standing issue or challenge.


What we offer

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Our aim is to provide your workforce with the skills to identify the early signs of stress in themselves and those around them before it’s too late. But we don’t stop there, we provide the tools so that each and every person can respond with resilience – whether that means giving managers the necessary skills to quickly support a member of their team who is struggling – right through to enabling greater, more honest communication across your entire business.


Talk to us to find out more about how we can tailor a programme to suit your specific organisational needs.

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