Putting People at the Heart of your organisation

Designed for the employee workforce to enhance individual resilience at grassroots level

Wellbeing For All

to improve and develop resilience

Introducing tools and techniques

Aimed at the entire employee population, our Wellbeing solutions provide you with a

cost-effective way to support each and every person within your organisation. By covering a number of topics relating to personal resilience and wellbeing such as self-value,

self-manage, self-belief, and self-awareness, we can ensure that your workforce is tuned in to the resilience message. By working at this level, the changes taking place in your leadership teams can be understood at grass roots level, and employees feel respected and included, as they become familiar with some of the tools and techniques of resilience being shared at management/leadership level.


But moreover, when everyone is aligned, the true benefits are felt and witnessed.


We offer wellbeing sessions in a full-day or modular format to suit your needs. For example, we can run a module on Self-Value five times in one day at hourly intervals, and employees can book on the most suitable time slot for their schedule. This means that everyone has access to the modules without the need to spend a full day away from their desk or work station. Alternatively, we can run a full day workshop covering all modules, if the nature of your organisation is able to free people up for this amount of time.


The experience is designed to offer each individual the chance to park challenges either at home or in the workplace, and spend time focussing on themselves. What grows from this experience is greater self-awareness and a knowledge of how to truly relax and let go of stress. Group numbers are kept small to encourage participation.


For one of our major clients, 50 people went through the modules and 100% of feedback received was positive. People appreciated having time to spend on themselves and are now looking forward to building on their improved awareness and confidence by taking part in the next modules. Results observed were that people felt happier being at work and more supported by the organisation.


Finally, our wellbeing programmes can work alongside or compliment any existing wellbeing initiatives you have in place. We have partnered with internal occupational health departments or other external providers to ensure a seamless service and coherent message for employees.


Talk to us  to find out more about our wellbeing solutions.

The business benefits of wellbeing:


  • The language of resilience is embedded further into your culture, enhancing communication between employees and with management ;


  • employee retention and engagement is enhanced;


  • the focus on proactive prevention means that employees are likely to identify issues and act upon them earlier, resulting in less sickness absence







Some feedback for our wellbeing workshops:


  •  I feel liberated seeing that I have and can make choices for better wellbeing
  •  I feel empowered knowing I can control my state
  •  It is great that the company are providing support for us – it is a great opportunity to take time out and re-evaluate our lives
  •  We get so bogged down with jobs at work and home –
  • appreciate the time to think about myself

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